Offering the Highest Quality Fitness, Cleaning, Sportswear, and Promotional Products to the Health & Fitness Industry is a b2b website offering products to businesses in the health and fitness industry including health clubs and fitness centers located within corporations, hotels, condominium complexes, and universities. 

At, you’ll find everything you need for your weight room and your group exercise classes at competitive b2b prices.  Since health clubs require more than just fitness equipment, we’ve added links to our other websites where you’ll be able to find and purchase cleaning supplies, sportswear, and promotional products.
Due to the heavy weight and large dimensions of many of our fitness items, it can be challenging to accurately predict shipping costs using a typical shopping cart shipping calculator system.  Depending on the quantity and type of items ordered, shipping options may include UPS Ground or it may be more economical to ship your order via common carrier.  To be as accurate as possible, we have created an online REQUEST FOR QUOTE form that you can submit prior to placing an order.  This will allow us to provide you with an accurate quote before you purchase.
Many of our current customers have been with us since we first began serving the health and fitness industry in 1995.  We look forward to serving you and your business and building a long-lasting relationship.

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